Actueel Van de OR: Summer time

Van de OR: Summer time

Fred Duijn 26 juni 2018

What will you do this summer? Take your mind off? Chill out on a beach, on a mountain? Looks like collectively we need to relax. Work related stress is a continuing factor of concern according to also the latest staff satisfaction survey.

Easy for some. Harder for others. Perhaps you are moving around the globe again. In between houses. Living out of a suitcase. Excited about a new adventure. Sad about leaving friends and family behind, or glad to be reunited.

Perhaps your task is to deal with consular cases and this is the busiest time or the year. Not that you are worried: this is your job and you love helping people.

Perhaps in your policy area there never is a dull moment. Action is full on all the time.

Perhaps the carrousel has not yet worked out for you. Still nervously networking to secure a new posting.

Perhaps, oh horror, you fell from the stairs in Rijnstraat 8. Now recovering from shock and pain.

I can think of colleagues in many different places, stages, and circumstances. I also note a small team that is preparing a discussion on BZ 2030 in the Management Board at the end of August.
That is a good thing. If you are a leader, think about direction. What are the trends in government and diplomacy? Where are opportunities? And risks? Change is a constant. We must continue our thinking, our adaptation, our hold on this present day, our preparation for tomorrow.

I like to think of all BZ-ers as leaders in their own right. Not only taking responsibility for the task assigned, but to look beyond. Reach out. To others. To what can and must be done. That is what I wish for all of us this summer: take time off, reflect and prepare the next steps. Reculer pour mieux sauter.

Then come to us at the VDBZ with your ideas and concerns. Foreign Affairs is dear to us. The wellbeing of you and your family too. Summer or winter. We will not rest. Not now. Not with so much at stake.

Fred Duijn

OR-voorzitter, VDBZ-fractieleden in de OR